Advisor: Ms. Paula Miller              Members: Brandon, Jocey, Molly, Crystal, Andrew, Ben, Devin, Natalie, Kylie, Wyatt



- Community Service Activities
- Leadership Activities
- Stop the Violence/Make the Peace Project
-Star Events
- Regional, State & National Meetings

-To promote leadership and personal development

Meeting times:
- Wednesday at 7:45 AM every 2 weeks


Fleece Blankets for Sale!  Contact any FCCLA Member or Ms. Miller to get your fleece blanket, today! They make GREAT holiday Presents!


 "FCCLA is a great way to grow as a person!"

Fleece Blankets for Sale

PB300223.JPG Volleyball: Different styles   PB300217.JPG Basketball: Different styles

PB300215.JPG Eagle Pride: Only style        PB300217.JPG  Football: Different styles

 PB300216.JPG Breast Cancer: 2 different styles            $40.00 each

Other styles also available:
Hockey, Baseball,
Hunting/ Camouflage


Contact Ms. Paula Miller:
FACS Teacher/FCCLA Advisor to purchase a blanket or see additional styles!


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