District Office Staff

Mrs. Pam Page

Business Finance Manager

Years at Lafayette: 20
College: Northland Technical College & UMC
Hobbies and Interests: travel, crafts, watching sporting events, gardening, embroidery
Family: Husband - Allan
Children - Trevor, Chelsea, and Zach
Favorite websites: Lafayette, Kreations by Kara
Interesting fact about yourself: I met my husband at a Halloween party!
Favorite T.V. show: Dont Watch too much TV!
What's on your radio station: A variety - Oldies, Country
Favorite Month of the Year: December
Favorite thing to eat: Seafood
If you could meet one famous person who would it be: Oprah


Mrs. Judy Skala



Subject Area: Payroll Clerk/Paraprofessional
Years at Lafayette 17
College: University of MN Crookston
Hobbies and interests: Sewing, gardening,
watching sports.
Family: Married 24 years to
3 daughters Elizabeth, Anna, Natasha and 1 son, Adam. She also has a granddaughter, Mya.
Interesting fact about yourself: Girl Scout leader for 14 years
Favorite T.V. show: Golden Girls
What's on your radio station? Country music
Favorite month of the year: July
Favorite thing to eat: Shrimp


Mrs. Cindy Ducharme

Superintendent's Secretary

Years at Lafayette: 20
Hobbies and Interests: read, garden, anything having to do with computers and of course, bake!   
Family: She and her husband Allen have two daughters, Tina and Brenda, and two granddaughters, Jade and Stormy.
Favorite websites: www.yahoo.com
Favorite T.V. show: Housewives of New Jersey
What's on your radio station: All Country
Favorite Month of the Year: October
Favorite thing to eat: Chicken Alfredo
Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect
If you could meet one famous person who would it be: Ellen DeGenres


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