The History of Red Lake Falls School District

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Lafayette High School

1st School Buse's Shanty 1st Lafayette High School Built in 1891 The next Lafayette High School was built in 1914

About Our School
Lafayette High School, like
J.A. Hughes Elementary, has consistently small classes for
the grades 7 through 12. The school is involved in a
program with other surrounding school districts which allows
students to participate in classes over ITV (Interactive
Television). 11th & 12th grade students have the opportunity to take College in the High School to receive college credit as well as online college classes.

School Song

Fight down the fields of victory,

Fight Lafayette.


For purple and gold,

We like those colors best………. “Rah”


We have the stuff it takes gang,

Let’s use it right.


So give all you have Eagles

Fight! Fight! Fight!


School  Colors

Purple and Gold

Extra-Curricular Activities

Red Lake Falls schools offer an opportunity for each andevery student to participate in an extra-curricular activity.Such activities include Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Boys and Girls Basketball, Golf, Track, Baseball, and Fast-Pitch Softball as well as Knowledge Bowl, Robotics, Drama, Speech, Drumline, Yearbook, French Club, Pep Band, Meals on Wheels, Riverwatch to name a few.



JA Hughes Elementary School

The first elementary school built in Red Lake Falls in 1905 was called Washington School. It was a four-room, two-story brick building. The school was torn down in 1958. After the old Washington school was torn down, the elementary students went to school in the new addition to Lafayette. The new Washington school was completed in 1967. When Washington school opened, William Jackson was hired as the district's first elementary principal. This spacious modern building was described as being library-centered. Six large rooms, each intended for two classes, surround the library. In addition there were rooms built for special classes and counseling, a music room, two kindergarten rooms, a nurse's station, a faculty lounge and office space. Over the years, the use of some rooms has changed, for example, the addition of a computer lab that allows students access to the Internet. A second computer lab has been added to one of the classroom spaces, as well as an art and science room. The gymnasium, also used as the lunchroom, adjoins a modern kitchen. On December 6, 1981 the Washington Elementary School changed its name to J.A. Hughes Elementary School after the superintendent and long-time member of the Red Lake Falls School District.

Located at 601 1st St NE. The school was built on approximately 20 acres in 1967. J.A. Hughes sits atop a hill in Red Lake Falls where the children love to slide in the winter. An outdoors-environmental classroom has been developed on approximately seven acres along the wooded area and river at the bottom of the hill. A large space is available for playing softball or baseball, a basketball court, swings, and a large playground complex that includes slides, climbing tubes, and over hand bars to develop upper body strength.



The old Washington Elementary School built in 1905.

J.A. Hughes Elementary now.